Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Sweetheart Cake

Valentine Sweetheart Cake

Equipment Used

2 lbs Chocolate Fondant
8 oz Pink Fondant
Heart cutters
Texture rolling pin
FMM Straight Frill Cutters Set #2
Rolling pin
Pink Fondant Work Mat
Gum Glue (gum arabic mixed with water)

I wanted to make a very "easy to do" cake for anyone to make. You can decorate this cake in a short amount of time and it looks like you spent hours.

First, I baked a 9" heart shape cake, let it cool completely before filling and frosting the cake. I put a thin layer of buttercream around the whole cake. This will help the fondant stick to the cake.

Open the chocolate fondant and kneed till smooth. Roll out the fondant to 15" diameter round to cover the heart cake.

Roll out pink fondant then take your texture roller and push on the fondant - your fondant will now have a texture.  Cut out 6 small heart shapes and 1 large heart using heart cutters. Roll out brown fondant and cut out 6 small brown hearts.

Using a paintbrush- apply the gum glue on the back of the hearts and place around the sides of the cakes, then put brown hearts on top of the pink hearts. Place the large heart in the center of the cake.

Cut out LOVE in chocolate fondant apply with gum glue.

Roll out pink fondant to 1/8" and use the heart FMM Straight Frill Cutter to cut out the heart boarder around the cake. Glue to the cake with Gum Glue. Continue to cut out strips to go on the top ans bottom boarder of the cake.

Happy Valentine's Day !!!!

Lisa Mansour