Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New York Cake Academy

poinsetta The 7 Best Holiday Baking Classes In N.Y., N.J.
(image: courtesy New York Cake Academy)
56 W. 22nd St
Love giving flowers at the holidays? New York Cake Academy specializes in the fine art of making life-like flowers, beautifully realized in their holiday poinsettia cake class. This is too beautiful to eat. Or maybe not.

NYCake Logo

We'd like to take this opportunity to spotlight our friends at NY Cake and Baking Distributor because of their 30 years of influence on the New York cake decorating supplies market, which was essentially created by them. Their store was the first of its kind in the region - selling all things cake, for amateurs and professionals alike. Everyone in New York's cake community knows all about this legendary one-stop shop, its cake decorating school . . . and its founder.

NY Cake and Baking is a family-run wholesale and retail store located near Manhattan's Chelsea District. It was founded by Joan Mansour, award-winning cake decorator and instructor, and is currently being managed by Joan's daughter, Lisa. Some call it a 'museum' of cake and baking supplies, offering one of the most comprehensive and abundant collections available.

Lisa was a young girl when her mother, Joan, taught cake decorating classes at their dining room table. Interest quickly grew and Joan used some extra space at the back of her husband's cosmetics store to teach larger classes. In 1989, after Lisa graduated college, she went into business with her mother and they opened a store and school. Hard work and dedication led them to expand to their current 5,000 square foot location in 1994. And just a couple of years ago, another daughter named Jenny opened NY Cake West in Los Angeles, California.

Joan Mansour is a pioneer in the industry and has taught many of the top names in cake decorating today. We applaud her vision and her contribution to cake decorating as an art form.

Visit the NY Cake website for more information.